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Wedding Planning and Design

You and your family will want to relax and have fun on your wedding day. I can be your guide to help you reflect on who you are as a couple to create those special moments and memories that make your wedding day unique.

Your life, your thoughts and your vision are all important elements to consider throughout the design and planning process to shape your betrothal. Here, we'll help you create the day that will be full of love and laughter.

Corporate and charity events

Corporate and charity events

Whether your event is planned to boost sales or reinforce your message to attendees, we'll offer tips to help you find and manage the vendors you need to execute your event flawlessly.

Suggestions include creating a team to start a retro-planning document where you start with the day of the event and back-track with every task that needs to happen. Give an assignment to each member of the team together with a firm deadline. This deadline may change of course, but it's good to have a master reference to deal with any changes.

We'll help you make your event social media friendly using various platforms. For example, allow guest to tag themselves on photos of the event on the company blog or Facebook.

Welcome to the world of wedding and event designs by Jessie Abrams.

responsive screens My aim is to make your event planning process as stress free as possible and to assist you with turning your vision into reality. Whether your event is a celebration of marriage, an anniversary - check out these ideas to choose the best present for your sweetie, birthday or baby-shower, you want it to be special and focused on the individuals concerned.

With corporate events it is vital that your event goes seamlessly to uphold the reputation of your company or organisation. You need good organization skills and constant attention to detail to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. You don't want anyone to notice that you have been up past midnight getting the name badges ready and double-checked for accuracy. If something does go wrong, it may be seen by attendees that you don't care.

Here you'll read suggestions to create the perfect event: where to start, top tips, advice, ideas and wisdom garnered from broad experience to make the process simple, allowing you to focus on the most important part: the celebration!


Stress Less. Enjoy More.

Venue Selection

Venue Selection

Budgeting, Transportation
Wedding Concept & Design

Wedding Concept & Design

Lighting Design, Invitations & Guest Management
Catering and Menu Selection

Catering and Menu Selection

Coordination, Cake Selection
Music and Entertainment


Music, Staging and Audio/Visual

Our planning process is personally tailored to your vision, and our expert staff works with you to make your wedding day a dream come true!

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Each one of us has a vision of the perfect event. Jessie will make sure your vision becomes a reality and plan the event to your heart's desire.


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